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Welcome to the official linkshell site for Hydra* of Karnak.

We are a linkshell of veteran and new mmo players. We work hard at helping one
another and having fun. Welcoming new people and their friends. And quickly
dealing those that try to take advantage of others or simply cause problems.

If this sounds like the linkshell for you, then please do apply. ^^


*Formerly Dot Com
Signing up
Signing up is easy
1: Click "Join Hydra" just above the login password box
2: Fill out the form (any name will do, see below)
3: Click "Create Account"
4: Wait for membership approval

If your character name is already taken
Go to forums and follow the instructions on the right

Lodestone update

Akuun, Dec 2, 10 11:55 AM.
SE is adding LS pages including forum
Once i've had a chance to check it out and access it's advantages/diadvantages we may simply switch to it as it may alleviate things such as granting access to new members, members having to manually update crafting skills levels
and other things
If so ill do my best to transfer the current forum posts to the new site and post a link here so it can be easily found


Sunday is the day!

Akuun, Nov 27, 10 8:06 AM.
Sunday we will be switching to the New LS to kick off a new week.
Dark and I will be holding on to our Dot Com pearls to try and catch anyone that hasn't received a pearl yet.
Also I'll be promoting one other member to leader since Ooni isn't on much.
If you're interested, check out the forum for details!

Update: we are off to a rocking start, we still have a few active members that need to be invited to the new ls. Everything should be moving smoothly in another week.

Thanks for everyones efforts and assistance in making this transition smooth.

We are now Hydra

Akuun, Nov 21, 10 2:10 AM.
I have created the new LS and begun the invite process.
I've asked everyone to remain on Dot Com till everyone is
in the new LS to ease the transition.
The name change was decided to also help ease transfer
since we would have to delete the old one first to reuse
Dot Com. The color for the LS icon will remain the same,
I simply changed it to yellow and green so it's easier to
tell the two apart.

50% of member transfer complete

Character name taken?!

Akuun, Nov 20, 10 5:38 AM.
Some seem to be confused when they find their character name is already in use.
So I've added some instructions to change forum posting name.

Just to clear things up, very few character names are original
Usually the most unique names are purely accidental
This is a large guild hosting site, with possibly millions of users
So unless your character name is truly unique or very uncommon
chances are it's already taken

Just an example (the first 3 are names I use)
Wasamonkey <- unique
Wasa <- common (swedish name (and no, i'm not))
Akuun <- uncommon
Destroyer <- Cliche, and very common

Forum clean up

Akuun, Nov 18, 10 5:32 AM.
Combined some of the forums and removed others that at this time aren't needed.
Currently we are limited to 10 forums and were already at the limit. So this is to make
room for future forums we may need and to make it a little easier to check the forums.
I'll continue to polish the forums as the LS grows and evolves to meet the needs of its
members, and insure that it's easy to read and follow.


Hope to see you all soon.
Search items, skills, recipes
Skills tool below isn't behaving as I would like, but does what i was doing in forum so i may move it elsewhere.
Akuun (Akuun) 21
OverlordDarkTide (Dark Tide) 10
falstaf1 (Falstaf) 15
Kalisun (Kali moon) 10
Fishies83 (Little Fishies) 16
Ooni9 (Ooni Noveni) 16
Blaze Ethen (Blaze Ethen) 24
falstaf1 (Falstaf) 11
Blaze Ethen (Blaze Ethen) 14
falstaf1 (Falstaf) 20
Ooni9 (Ooni Noveni) 14
Akuun (Akuun) 27
Kalisun (Kali moon) 15
Ooni9 (Ooni Noveni) 15
ShojenFFXIV (Sho Jen) 17
OverlordDarkTide (Dark Tide) 9
Blaze Ethen (Blaze Ethen) 15
falstaf1 (Falstaf) 26
Kalisun (Kali moon) 13
Fishies83 (Little Fishies) 16
Akuun (Akuun) 21
Fishies83 (Little Fishies) 17
Ooni9 (Ooni Noveni) 19
ShojenFFXIV (Sho Jen) 10
Blaze Ethen (Blaze Ethen) 21
falstaf1 (Falstaf) 23
Fishies83 (Little Fishies) 14
Ooni9 (Ooni Noveni) 10
Blaze Ethen (Blaze Ethen) 25
OverlordDarkTide (Dark Tide) 23
falstaf1 (Falstaf) 23
Blaze Ethen (Blaze Ethen) 23
OverlordDarkTide (Dark Tide) 25
RujinXERO (Rujin Tenshi) 10
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